70,000 litres of glycolised water at the Halles Forum (Former Covered Food Market) Paris, France

 Air conditioning and heating

In the vicinity of the 'Halles' quarter of Paris, a site of 400 sq.mtrs. houses an air conditioning and heating network. The Cofathec, Elyo and Climespace Companies have been retained for the servicing and maintenance of the network.

A production circuit is also available for the air conditioning of the 'Forum des Halles' and the 'Louvre' Museum, whilst another network serves the whole of a group of residential dwelling blocks.

The Cofathec Company retained the Climalife service teams to replenish the network with glycolised water.

By experimenting during the delicate implementation operations, the teams discovered that it was possible to supply in record time within a complex 'intramuros' urban environment, 70 cubic metres of glycol (Neutragel LR-13) in three delivery rounds by HGV tanker.

Constant Ongoing Performance

The refrigerant fluid employed is a heat exchanger on a monoethylene glycol base refined with special anti-corrosive additives for preventing any corrosive action by the water, and for ensuring constant ongoing performance. The Neutragel is diluted in this case down to 30% volume, permitting refrigeration to -13°C. It is an antifreeze heat exchanger substance particularly developed for the secondary circuits of plant working at low temperatures as well as for heating systems.

Key to photo : a refrigeration aggregate functioning with R-134a.